Home Staging is a technique that consists in the enhancement of properties, improving their image and therefore their perception by the potential buyer, in order to favor and speed up their sale or rent. A work of transformation and creation, with particular attention to attention to detail, which is not limited to furnishing the rooms, but to create a new environment that can be welcoming, stimulating and attractive.

De Otra Manera offers all this: home restyling and home staging.

Finding yourself in a new home

With creativity and color we reinvent your home using existing furnishings to the best of their ability. We interpret your personality and style, to give a new cut to the rooms and make them closer to your desires.

We help you choose which furnishings to keep and which ones to remove, replace or transform: we repaint the old chest of drawers, the mirrors become internal windows, the walls gain vitality, lamps and lampshades are dressed to change the look of the environment.

De Otra Manera helps you to:

  • - Give a new look to the rooms of your home without costly structural interventions;
  • - Transforming furnishing elements into original style objects giving them new life.

How we work

We talk, we get to know each other, we look at your home together and then we think about a restyling project;

We present you a relooking report, with suggestions and estimates for any new furnishings or processing of existing ones and for the manpower necessary to carry out the most strenuous interventions;

We offer you a home shopping service, supervision and organization of the work of the professionals involved;

We create a pre and post opera photo shoot.

Tel: Alessandra 347 0508929
Email:  deotramanera@libero.it