The estate agency DADAHOUSE was born in Pisa in 2012 with the main objective to understand and translate customer requirements, thanks to targeted interviews that provide a fast and accurate identification of possible solutions, always with the utmost seriousness' AND CONFIDENTIALITY.

The choice of a property always requires attention to the housing market together with the assessment of a wide range of opportunities and multiple criteria economic, technical, legal and sometimes environmental and cultural.

As part of its corporate vision, the real estate agency DADAHOUSE immediately provides all the necessary information for the sale or the purchase of a property, in accordance with local and national regulations, the main requirement and often underestimated by many for a proper negotiation.

Thanks to the careful collaboration of professional firms, notary, legal and technical, the customer is supported during the all negotiation for the sale until the signing of the final deed.

The Agency is affiliated to F.I.M.A.A. (Italian Federation of Business Negotiation Agents) since 2012.

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